Skip Sizes

Skips come in a range of sizes from 2 Yard to 40 Yard. The most suitable size for your needs will depend upon the amount of waste you need to dispose of and the type.  Bulky waste such as tables and chairs weigh less than inert waste such as brick, sand and concrete for the same area.
Due to the weight restriction, a vehicle carrying a large skip full of inert waste would be too much but the same skip could be filled with items from a house clearance and still be within the weight limits.

For help in choosing the right skip to hire, please send us a photograph using our contact forms of the waste you intend to dispose of. Our customer service team will give you an accurate quotation and recommendation for the ideal size to hire.

Skips can be hired by phoning our call centre on 01289 307835, by email using or by using the contact form.

2 Cubic Yards -
4 Cubic Yards -
8 Cubic Yards - Most commonly hired.
12 Cubic Yards -
14 Cubic Yards -
16 Cubic Yards -
20 Cubic Yards RoRo -
30 Cubic Yards RoRo -
40 Cubic Yards RoRo -

Please note: All 8,12,14,16,20,30 and 40 Cubic Yard skips available as enclosed

Recycling in Northumberland and The Scottish Borders
2 Yard Skip
2 Yard Skip
4 Yard Skip
4 Yard Skip
Skip hire in Northumberland
8 Yard Skip (most common skip)
16 Yard Skip
16 Yard Skip
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20 Yard Skip
40 Yard Skip
40 Yard Skip